Cytoclear Cytoplasm Remover
Product Code: GGS-JL004

Cytoclear is a newly developed product (consisting of a mixture of protein detergents) which can quickly dissolve and remove persistent cytoplasm (mainly caused by inadequate hypotonic treatment) during the methanol:acetic acid fixation stage of the chromosome harvesting procedure. In particular, it dissolves the lipid and glycoprotein structure of which cytoplasm is mainly composed. Clumped metaphases that would normally be impossible to analyse, can now be restored. Cytoclear is a useful tool in FISH hybridizations as it enables the probe to reach the target by removing barrier cytoplasm.

“The quality of the metaphase preparations for karyotype analysis and FISH was enhanced by using Cytoclear® (Genial Genetics Upton, Wirral, UK), according to the manufacturer’s protocol.”

 dos Santos, S. R., & Freire-Maia, D. V. (2012). Absence of subtelomeric rearrangements in selected patients with mental retardation as assessed by multiprobe T FISH. Journal of Negative Results in Biomedicine11(1), 1.

“CytoClear (5 µL/mL of fixative; ProCell, Genial Genetics, Chester, UK) was added to remove persistent cytoplasm.”

Jones, M., Varella-Garcia, M., Skokan, M., Bryce, S., Schowinsky, J., Peters, R., & Nankervis, B. (2013). Genetic stability of bone marrow-derived human mesenchymal stromal cells in the Quantum System. Cytotherapy,15(11), 1323-1339.


Product Identifier

  • Product name: Cytoclear Cytoplasm Remover
  • Product code: GGS-JL-004
  • Pack size: 1ml vial
  • GTIN-13: 5060174130113
  • GMDN: 30621 ‘Chromosome Culture Kit’

Relevant Identified Uses of the Substances or Mixture

Recommended Use: In Vitro Diagnostics
Identified uses: Laboratory chemicals
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