Buffered Hypotonic Solution
Product Code: GGS-JL006a (250ml)

Buffered Hypotonic Solution is a hypotonic solution developed for bone marrow specimens. It has been found to achieve good metaphase swelling (spreading) from a wide range of sample types and significantly increases the number of useful metaphases in leukaemic bone marrow cultures when compared to the standard 0.075M KCL hypotonic. It contains 0.4% KCL with HEPES.



Product Identifier

  • Product name: Buffered Hypotonic Solution
  • Product code: GGS-JL-006/a
  • Pack size: Supplied to make 250mls working solution
  • GTIN-13: 5060174130090
  • GMDN: 30621 ‘Chromosome Culture Kit’

Relevant Identified Uses of the Substances or Mixture 

Recommended Use: In Vitro Diagnostics
Identified uses: Laboratory chemicals
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