Pre-Hypotonic Solution
Product Code: GGS-JL007

Pre-Hypotonic Solution is to be used before the hypotonic stage of a blood or bone marrow harvest. Pre-hypotonic solution makes the hypotonic step more effective by circumventing the tendency of chromosomes to clump or to under-spread. The clumping of metaphases during the harvesting procedure often results in the loss of useful metaphases or the loss of entire cultures. Procedures such as FISH that require good well spread metaphases are often hampered by this problem.

Pre-Hypotonic Solution was developed to address this clumping problem. Optimal metaphase swelling can therefore subsequently be achieved by your hypotonic solution. Pre-Hypotonic Solution has been found to be particularly useful for template CGH metaphases. CGH hybridisations have been improved by Pre-Hypotonic Solution.

Product Identifier

  • Product name: Pre-Hypotonic Solution
  • Product code: GGS-JL-007
  • Pack size: 5mls stock solution
  • GTIN-13: 5060174130083
  • GMDN: 30621 ‘Chromosome Culture Kit’

Relevant identified uses of the substances or mixture and uses advised against

Recommended Use: In Vitro Diagnostics
Identified uses: Laboratory chemicals
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