Chromosome Resolution Additive

Product Codes: GGS-JL003a (1ml)

Chromosome Resolution Additive (CRA) is a newly discovered commercial formulation that consistently prevents chromosome contraction and encourages chromosome elongation by loosening the chemical bonding within the supercoiled structure of the chromosome. The result is prophase quality chromosomes. It was developed especially for tissues resistant to existing prophase techniques, such as bone marrows and solid tumour samples. CRA contains no ethidium bromide or thymidine.


Product Identifier

  • Product name: Chromosome Resolution Additive
  • Product code: GGS-JL-003a
  • Pack size: 1ml vial
  • GTIN-13: 5060174130069
  • GMDN: 30621 ‘Chromosome Culture Kit’

Relevant Identified Uses of the Substances or Mixture

Recommended Use: In Vitro Diagnostics
Identified uses: Laboratory chemicals
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Work Instructions: Download