Metaphase Arresting Solution

Product Code: GGS-JL008

Metaphase Arresting Solution is a highly refined solution of colchicine/vinblastine sulphate in PBS, used to increase the percentage of metaphase cells for chromosomal studies. The product is designed to be more effective than colchicine alone for bone marrows, difficult tumours and other problematic tissues with low mitotic indexes, and where colchicine/colcemid appears to be ineffective..

Metaphase Arresting Solution has been found to be useful for sensitive cultures where cells lift off when colchicine is added. It is gentler than colchicine so cells do not have such an adverse reaction.

Product Identifier

  • Product name: Metaphase Arresting Solution
  • Product code: GGS-JL-008
  • Pack size: Supplied to make up 100mls
  • GTIN-13: 5060174130076
  • GMDN: 30621 ‘Chromosome Culture Kit’

Relevant identified Uses of the Substances or Mixture 

Recommended Use: In Vitro Diagnostics
Identified uses: Laboratory chemicals
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